How Fundamentally Minded Investors use Technical Analysis Today

Despite strongly believing in both, David Lundgren, CMT, CFA has built a career in technical analysis rather than fundamental analysis. In this presentation, Dave will highlight some of the underappreciated historical links between fundamental and technical analysis. For example, Charles H. Dow, a devout fundamental investor at the turn of the twentieth century, discovered the merit of listening to the market. His writings examined how:

  • The market discounts all that is known about securities and markets
  • Securities prices trend in the direction of underlying fundamentals
  • Short-term trends are noise, long-term trends are signal

Understanding that the market is efficient, but also trends, confirms how technical analysis can help investors uncover attractive investment opportunities. Dave will share some insight around the objectives of trend following investment strategies including how to identify, engage, and stay in trending securities by utilizing the tools of technical analysis.

Leading, coincident, and lagging indicators of trend change as well as Relative Strength will give the audience a clear perspective on how they might incorporate technical analysis into their own investment process.

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