Mastering Your Investment Style with Dave Lundgren

In this episode, Rusty and Robyn talk with Dave Lundgren, a 30-year investment veteran who is now the co-host of the Fill The Gap podcast.

Dave is an expert in technical analysis strategies. He’s especially adept at watching trends and momentum swings in stock valuation. Currently, Dave serves on the CMT Association’s board of directors and is a private investor.

Dave talks with Rusty and Robyn about the wonders of technical analysis, the difference between following trends and the following momentum, the role of sentiment in stock valuation, and how to master your investment style.

“It’s not about finding the holy grail—finding the style that makes money all the time. It’s about finding the style that fits you, and knowing that style inside and out so that when things are going wrong, you don’t take it personally.” ~ Dave Lundgren

Main Takeaways

  • Technical analysis is as important as fundamental analysis. It’s your road map; it shows you how to get to your destination.
  • Focus on the price. There’s a universal formula for price and it involves stock valuation and sentiment.
  • Master your own investing style. There’s no absolute investing approach that makes more money over the long-term. Making money and overcoming setbacks are all about the execution of whichever method you use.


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