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What Do I Get with My Subscription?

Having been on the buy-side for over 20 years, managing client portfolios while standing in front of a fire hose of information, some of it valuable, most of it not, we have intentionally structured the MOTR research service to be brief, actionable, and focused on what matters most.

Subscribers will receive:

The Weekly MOTR Report, a link to which will be provided via email before the open each Monday morning.

In this report, we provide…

  • Context Using a suite of proprietary technical models, as well as many valuable traditional indicators and relationships, we define the current market regime, and any changes of importance over the prior week(s). This is a critical consideration for tactical investors, since roughly 50% of what happens to any individual stock is determined by trends in the broader market and the sector to which the stock is mapped. Its that important, so we are very focused on it. Other topics include current market leaders and laggards, relevant intra- and inter-market relationships, important historical analogues, top and bottom ranked ETFs from more than 1,000 ETFs in our coverage, and more.
  • Clarity With the current market regime identified, we then provide clear recommendations on overall portfolio exposures, including when best to make tactical adjustments given prevailing conditions.
  • Weekly MOTR Chart Pack Each week, we provide a chart pack of 20-40 timely buy ideas from leadership sectors. In bearish market environments, we also provide several timely short ideas from lagging sectors.

Charting My Interruption” (CMI), a brief, free-ranging note about intraweek market activity, intended to keep our subscribers up to speed with important developments. The CMI has fast become a favorite among our subscribers!

The Monthly MOTR Check-Up video, a 30-minute video, featuring charts and commentary, covering where the market stands today, what has changed over the past month(s), what we are focused on, and how we would be positioned for the current environment.

In all three research pieces, we also discuss the proper mindset needed to succeed in the present environment. Knowing where we are in the market cycle is important not just in terms of portfolio positioning, but also in terms of expectations. Unrealistic expectations can undermine even the best strategies, so we provide ongoing coaching on this topic throughout all of our services.

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