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MOTR Capital Management & Research is now offering a complimentary one-month trial to our MOTR Research Service.

Feel free to browse our site to learn more about the service and David’s career and investment philosophy, but if you navigate away from this page, please access the link that was provided in the original social media post to return back to this page for your complimentary one-month trial.

Who Should Subscribe?

With historic changes taking place across global asset classes, and the internet awash in free research and opinions about every move, ranging from hyper bullish to catastrophic bearish, the MOTR research service has one singular focus: be on the right side of major market trends.

We seek to provide institutional quality research to the following:

  • Long-Only RIAs, Portfolio Managers and Active Investors with a tactically oriented mandate, who are focused on making sure they are invested on the right side of the market’s major trends.
  • Long-Short Hedge Fund Managers seeking guidance on appropriate overall portfolio exposures (gross, net, sector, etc.), based on a disciplined, trend following research process.
  • Investors of all kinds who value the input from someone who is in the trenches with them, making real life decisions managing money on behalf of clients.
  • Investors of all kinds who are looking to add a disciplined, rules-based research service to help them process the torrent of information hitting the markets every day.
  • Investors of all kinds seeking to learn more about how technical strategies are implemented at the portfolio level.

Subscribers should already have their own stock selection and portfolio management process in place but are looking to improve overall performance for themselves and their clients by incorporating the input from a financial markets veteran with more than 3 decades experience writing institutional level research and managing long-only and long-short portfolios.

Quarterly Subscription

$395.00 / quarter

Yearly Subscription

$1495.00 / year

Want to get this philosophy working for you?

* Subscription pricing is for individual access use only.  If you are interested in multiple-user agreements or bulk access for your firm, please contact us for pricing information. Refund policy: While current quarterly billing periods are not refundable, any remaining full quarters of user’s subscription are 100% refundable upon request.

What Do I Get with My Subscription?

Having been on the buy-side for over 20 years, managing client portfolios while standing in front of a fire hose of information, some of it valuable, most of it not, we have intentionally structured the MOTR research service to be brief, actionable, and focused on what matters most.

Subscribers will receive:

The Weekly MOTR Report, a link to which will be provided via email before the open each Monday morning.

In this report, we provide…

  • Context Using a suite of proprietary technical models, as well as many valuable traditional indicators and relationships, we define the current market regime, and any changes of importance over the prior week(s). This is a critical consideration for tactical investors, since roughly 50% of what happens to any individual stock is determined by trends in the broader market and the sector to which the stock is mapped. Its that important, so we are very focused on it. Other topics include current market leaders and laggards, relevant intra- and inter-market relationships, important historical analogues, top and bottom ranked ETFs from more than 1,000 ETFs in our coverage, and more.
  • Clarity With the current market regime identified, we then provide clear recommendations on overall portfolio exposures, including when best to make tactical adjustments given prevailing conditions.
  • Coaching Having a profitable strategy with a disciplined approach to risk management is important, but it is still not enough. There are many viable strategies, but yet, so few investors succeed. Having a proper mindset, guided by realistic expectations, is the critical final ingredient. Our belief is that mindset is just as important as process, so we spend a lot of time on this topic as well. Subscribers can also email us directly with questions about the research, the strategy, and the markets in general.

The Monthly MOTR Check-Up video, a 30-minute video, featuring charts and commentary, covering where the market stands today, what has changed over the past month(s), what we are focused on, and how we would be positioned for the current environment. As with the Weekly MOTR Report, we also discuss the proper mindset needed to succeed in the present environment. Knowing where we are in the market cycle is important not just in terms of portfolio positioning, but also in terms of expectations. Unrealistic expectations can undermine even the best strategies, so we provide ongoing coaching on this topic throughout all of our services.

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